Monday, March 2, 2009

Mexico Amor y Amor de Color III

Mexico Amor y Amor de Color: bedroom

(Head Board)

(Pillow cases)

Mexico Amor y Amor de Color II

Mexico Amor y Amor de Color

As of late I can't stop thinking about bright colors, sunshine, mixed prints, embroidered flowers...pretty much anything that is the opposite of cold, snow, and grey. Although I love Chicago for all its architectural and blue collar glory, enough is enough, bring on the summer fiesta already!
Here are little inspiration/mood "boards" for my next aesthetic obsession. If you know me, plan to see this stuff start to pop up all around...especially in my new apartment (wherever it'll be).

Thursday, February 26, 2009

LOVE Press: Art Gets New Investors

February 26, 2008 (Chicago)To the age old questions, what is art, who determines its value, who makes one artist stand out form the next and so forth; finally has defined answers; you do. The Board of Investment Art, ( an online art investment platform is putting you in the position to answer these questions. launched in 2008 by Rachel Edelshteyn, a progressive thinker, business strategist and pioneer in the world of art, has opened the art community to the greater culture. The user-friendly online platform enables everyday people, established collectors, artists, and galleries to display, trade, and promote art freely.

The Board of Investment Art is equal parts inspiration and transformation; a sense of “history in the making” is palpable. The savvy site tracks the investment of art over time in a very inventive way. First, the site enables you to survey graphs for your very own collection or an artists’ work that you have your eye on. The value of a piece is controlled solely by the owner, who has the tools to increase or decrease a piece’s value at their desecration.

More significantly, users can monitor artwork by a series of emotions. These emotions are then tracked by the site and can be used as a search tool or a symbol of how our greater culture is feeling; if “love” has the largest type face in the list, then that is the most common emotion art on the site is conveying to our people. Take it for what it is, or use it as a reflection of our time; in any event there is an art investment in every emotion.
About The Board of Investment Art
The Board of Investment Art, an online art investment platform, launched in 2008 by Rachel Edeshteyn, a progressive thinker, business strategist and a pioneer in the art world provides the public with the tools needed to participate profitably in the art world. The site holds several million dollars of art, ranging from $50 to $500,000 ticketed pieces encouraging the participation to novice and experienced buyers. The buying and selling of art in tough economic times is a proven investment strategy for the wealthy and elite, but with this platform it is open to the public. With the momentum of change caressing our lives, The Board of Investment Art is a home to the everyday individual to make a difference by testing the common investment strategies.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Love the Board of Investment Art

Another image from Board of Investment photoshoot.
Love, Love: Hair and Make-up

Love ART:Board of Investment Art

Love, Love was busy over the past weeks collaborating with the Board of Investment Art ( for their very first ad campaign. "Buy Intuitively, Sell Profitably."

This is one of the images from the shoot that I can't stop loving!

This picture is not photo-shopped, in fact everything you see is exactly true to the location: model, art work, designer, make-up and styling!

Love, Love created hair and make-up.